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About Us


Arisaa creates modern luxury from independent India’s deep rooted crafts & traditions that are rich in workmanship and are original. Chaotic harmony is what defines Arisaa’s design language. It is very much inspired from the city that it is
based out of - Ahmedabad. A city that is old and as much as it is new, fast paced
but also extremely relaxed. These stark contrasts are very much visible in Arisaa’s products. Arisaa utilizes the native crafts of India in a minimal, fun and contemporary approach.

Our projects and products go through an extensive designing and experimentation process, exploring materials and finishes along with technique modification to best implement our design. We give a great deal of attention to detail, because we believe therein lies the beauty of each piece. We care for each product and project just the same, no matter how big or small.



Arisaa’s founder Aashka Desai, believes in mixing art with design, modern ideas & traditional crafts along with making sure every piece is uniquely created. Quality along with attention to detail are two pillars that define Arisaa’s core strengths. The brand aims to bring forward a part of Indian culture, tradition, craftsmanship and everyday life to the world in the form of Art and & Design in future exhibits.

Aashka Shah - Founder

Aashka Shah - Founder